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OpenAI challenges Google, ready to launch a search engine

OpenAI is preparing to challenge Google's dominance in the online search sector. According to social media rumors, the company, led by Sam Altman, is working on launching a search engine based on ChatGPT. A Reddit user reported the domain sighting, even if at the moment it is not accessible with the writing "not found". Unofficial sources indicate May 9th as the expected launch date.

Sam Altman recently declared plans to combine large language models with online search, suggesting a potentially better way to help people find information than Google's current way. This has sparked speculation that OpenAI is preparing a real challenge to search giant Google, which has held 90% market share for nearly three decades.

Rumors suggest that Apple is also exploring integrating ChatGPT into its devices, while Microsoft, which has heavily funded OpenAI, is powering its Bing search engine with artificial intelligence. Google is likely to respond to this challenge with an update on AI during its developer conference scheduled for May 14.

May 9, with the alleged debut of OpenAI's new search engine, could mark the beginning of a battle in the field of artificial intelligence and online search, with Alphabet, Google's parent company, which could face a significant new competition.