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Christmas newsletters to build customer loyalty

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The holiday season is one of those times of the year when the targeted newsletter campaigns show their full potential.

 The weeks leading up to the Christmas are an extremely profitable time for businesses that sell goods and services, but, be prepared for Christmas it does not only mean decorating your business premises with lights, colored balls and a Santa Claus at the entrance of the business. Why is this not enough? Because if on the one hand it is true that during the holidays there is always an increase in sales, on the other you must not have the presumption of being the only ones on the market to sell the best product or service, since there is a lot of competition and, therefore, the sales they also need to be encouraged a little.

A targeted and captivating newsletter campaign it is an excellent communication channel that will allow you to gain visibility from the moment the consumer begins to get an idea of what he wants to give.

 Before giving you some suggestions to make the most of the potential of newsletter in order to promote products or services of your business, we remind you that human relationships are also important and that you could use the newsletter to do the happy holidays wishes to your customers and suppliers, informing them, at the same time, of the closing days. In this way they will feel pampered and thought of by you too!

Now let's see what you could do with the newsletter to be sent to loyal customers and potential customers in the weeks preceding the Christmas.

1.Set up a gift guide

A guide in choosing gifts in addition to supporting your customers in the selection of products to give as gifts, it will allow you to drive traffic to the selected pages based on marketing strategies and consequently to improve the sales even products that people don't usually think about. In the'promotional emailfor example, you could insert the redirect link to the page gift guide and some pictures of possible gifts with ad hoc description.

2.Think about promotions

Web users are on the hunt for a good deal especially in the pre-Christmas period when there are many gifts to give. This is why it is important to divide the various promotions into multiple communications via e-mail. Think about a service that could attract the consumer, promote it and spread it through the newsletter. For example, no one wants to wrap gifts or pay extra shipping costs. Stand out by offering these services for free only at Christmas.

3.Remember abandoned carts

It often happens that customers create carts that they then abandon either due to a malfunction of the portal or simply for distraction. Sending them personalized emails reminding them of the products they were interested in can be a way to generate a return of sales.

4Think about your potential customers too

You could send some mail in which you inform that only for the pre-Christmas period you will allow purchases on your e-commerce even to unregistered web users. If you decide to offer this service, remember, however, that users who have left their data should not be discriminated against and for this you could offer them an extra discount.

It is famous the story that is told among sellers that the best seller of the year was the one who took the time to write and mail all the postcards with Merry Christmas greetings to their customers. Now, with newsletters, the viewer's life is easier!

In short, whatever your business is, remember to promote it effectively, quickly and intelligently with it newsletter sending tool, not forgetting to verify that your message reaches the end user in perspective responsive design, that is, that it self - adapts to the dimensions of any portable device.

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