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Send automatic Whatsapp messages to your customers – The new Digife service

By June 23, 2023No Comments
Invia Messaggi Automatici Whatsapp ai tuoi clienti

Why send Whatsapp automatic messages to your customers? If you have an e-commerce site you will surely know that one of the most difficult, but at the same time most important, aspects for a successful business concerns communication with customers. 

Communication between company and customer is essential today. In a world where the barriers between those who offer and those who receive the service have practically disappeared, with the advent of social media and the web 4.0, it is increasingly important to have as direct communication as possible with the people who use your services.

And that's where the new Digife service comes in that lets you send Whatsapp automatic messages to your customers An easy way to communicate constantly, effectively and, above all, without wasting precious time, whatever your business. 

We have talked about this application in several previous articles (see “Increase privacy on WhatsApp – now it's possible" And "How to use WhatsApp on two devices“), but this time we talk about it from a business perspective. Because it is precisely with this in mind that our new service was designed. But why should your business use Whatsapp?

How does it work? And what advantages does it offer?

Why send automatic Whatsapp messages to your customers?

notifiche e newsletter ai clienti con whatsapp promemoria appuntamenti promozioni e prodotti spedizioni ordini


Do you have an e-commerce and want to send order notifications? Do you have a blog and want to communicate the news? Do you have a beauty salon and want to send reminders to customers who book an appointment? From today you can! Thanks to our new service, your customer will be able to receive Whatsapp automatic messages every time that:

  • make a reservation;
  • You publish a new article on your site or blog;
  • Offer promotions or new products on your e-commerce;
  • Change the status of the order placed by the customer;

notifiche e newsletter ai clienti con whatsapp promemoria appuntamenti promozioni e prodotti spedizioni ordini


How does it work?

Thanks to automation, you don't have to do anything. The system, suitably configured by us according to your needs, will send automatic Whatsapp messages and personalized notifications, according to your needs. 

What advantages does it offer?

The advantages of this new technology are many and are visible in both the short and long term:

  • You demonstrate empathy with the customer: today those who buy not only look at the product or service offered, but the most important thing has become the experience. By communicating on WhatsApp you create a different type of experience, with communication that is no longer from business to customers but from person to person;
  • Offer immediate communication: your messages arrive directly on your customer's phone, without the risk of ending up in the spam folder and without the risk of getting lost along the way with incorrect addresses. In addition, in this way your customers will be more inclined to read, and possibly respond, immediately when they see the message;
  • Give useful information: automatically sending updates on order status or appointment reminders improves the customer experience, who will certainly be more inclined to choose your services again;
  • Reduce your workload: it won't be you, or someone from your work team, to take care of these things, but it will all be managed automatically;
  • Engage the customer: sending newsletters directly on Whatsapp has a greater impact than the classic email. The customer will be more inclined to receive news, advice and promotions;
  •  Remind the customer that you exist: sending automatic Whatsapp messages is an extremely effective way to remind customers that your company exists and what services it offers. According to statistics, in fact, the 98% of Whatsapp messages is read, while e-mails have much lower opening data;
  • Reduce booking cancellations: By reminding the customer of the next day's appointment, you prevent them from forgetting it. This is a method with proven effectiveness, which significantly reduces the number of cancellations;
  • You differ from your competitors: when a customer has to think about whether to address you or one of your competitors, he will evaluate which company offers the best service. In order to “win the competition” you have to know how to distinguish yourself;
  • Establish a relationship of trust with the customer: the more important and "pampered" the customer feels, the more he will trust your company and your services.

notifiche e newsletter ai clienti con whatsapp promemoria appuntamenti promozioni e prodotti spedizioni ordini


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Today that communication is essential, a business that does not communicate correctly cannot be a successful business.

At Digife, we have a long history of digital marketing and understand the unique challenges that every business can face. That's why we designed our WhatsApp mass messaging service to be flexible and customizable, so that it can adapt perfectly to your needs.

Contact our web agency to receive personalized advice on the new mass and instant messaging service with WhatsApp: we will give you specific recommendations on the most suitable settings for your type of business!