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Mobile Apps are the future of your company

By November 18, 2016No Comments

Mobile app

The sector of the mobile is growing, now the market is divided between smartphone is Tablet. Smart phones with an operating system are becoming increasingly popular Apple (therefore iPhone), AndroidWindows Phone is Blackberry and tablets. THEPad and similar products are, now, excellent substitutes for notebooks.

But how can the SMEs or large companies take advantage of the success of the mobile?

With the development of mobile applications!

The App. are now considered a winning imperative for an effective business, as they improve and simplify company functions and processes.

Here's what the companies with a'App. mobile

Data collection app

The Mobile app they are able to acquire a multitude of data, such as audio, video, photos, GPS position and text, reducing the margins of error in data processing.

The forms for the collection of digital data, in fact, can incorporate control functions that facilitate the compilation of the same, reporting, in time, the occurrence of errors or anomalies. Examples of data control are required fields, or more sophisticated features such as rejecting certain characters or executing queries.

Lead Generation App

In several respects the mobile applications they are more performing than social media because they favor interaction and localized communication customization.

The goal of the companies is retain customers, building lasting relationships, but also retaining existing ones.

The mobile applications they have extraordinary potential for companies that want to increase their business by focusing on customer proliferation. They allow companies to collect very accurate data on user location, carrier, device model and other valuable information for businesses.

The App. have a function of geolocation which allows the companies to create push notifications, presenting customers with a promotional code and, at the same time, showing them, in real time, how to reach your business.

There are several ways to send notifications to your customers, but none of them are as powerful as push notifications. The latter greatly increase the chances of being viewed immediately and consequently involve the customer more.

Additionally, if users understand that your business creates promotions for them, by promptly informing them when, for example, the products they are usually interested in are being promoted, they will be more likely to share personal information and interact with your company through the'App.

It is possible that, in the near future, push notifications will exceed, in importance, the tools for sending newsletters, since they have a more immediate relationship with the user who installed the application. Beyond that it turns out to be an excellent tool for positioning.

App. For product demo

The applications created in order to display Demos are an excellent strategy for presenting a new product. Often, in fact, what makes consumers reluctant to buy products is the fact of not knowing their characteristics and not being able to test them. For this reason, demonstrating the article you want to sponsor is the best way to make known the performances and facilitate its possible purchase.

App. To support sales agents

A'Mobile app it is also of great support for those companies that base their business on the work of sales agents. In this case the development ofApp. it should be focused on creating a platform that assists agents in introducing products during customer appointments.

App. To support scientific informants

Management of a common calendar, both for scientific representatives and for doctors, so that appointments can be set and moved in real time. The application autonomously notifies both informants and doctors of any changes through push notifications.

At this point you may be wondering which of a website it's a'Mobile app, is the best solution for acompany.

The only thing they have in common website and App. is that both are accessible from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Regarding the differences:

A responsive website has the advantage of having a structure and graphics that adapt to any screen, with the best display at any resolution.

Definitely opt for one responsive website it is the best solution for companies that have decided to have a site from scratch or to carry out a restructuring of the old website. In addition, a website can be updated faster.

An app. mobile, on the other hand, has the main advantage to have a faster application interface, in addition to the fact that data can also be made available in offline mode, without the need for an internet connection.

Statistics say that by 2021, navigation will be almost completely mobile, so it makes sense to think in this direction anyway.

If you are undecided on what to do, what we can tell you is that the choice must be made after identifying and evaluating what you would like to do.

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