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But is the internet really useful?

Incredible, there are still people asking if it is necessary to use Internet to grow your company. What an absurd question… of course it serves, except that most of them went online without using a conceptual compass and without any logical criteria.

 Do you need to create a website? If I make it or have someone create it, will it automatically generate contacts for me?

To answer such a question, I like to reply with a provocation: but if I open an office and make it really beautiful with super furnishings and the ficus plant, then will everyone come to see my office? Will customers arrive even though I haven't told anyone about the grand opening?

The site beautiful it is obviously necessary to give a professional idea of one's own business but that's not enough! We are human and this condition dictates that we must stimulate our neighbor's interest in what we do.

People should be invited to see our portal and convinced to buy / use the features of the site with very specific strategies.

Anyway, from now on, weather permitting, I'm going to write some news to reflect on the opportunities of web, but which, above all, help to understand with simple words and with adequate metaphors how technology can be used correctly.

Let's start from the beginning: before building or buying a house I need to have an idea of what I'm looking for and the budget to invest in web I must have, at least conceptually, an idea of what the right strategy is to grow my project.

If I open a website, just to be present as others do, I'm basically throwing money out the window. The web it's a huge ocean and it's easy to drown or get lost among the multitude of Web sites already built.

I've heard phrases like: “I'm up Internet with a website old, but, it costs me only € 300 per year and I have no intention of investing more "(so much then Internet it is useless but it is a necessary expense ...)

Coooooosa ???? Do you throw away € 300 without knowing why? Generally an entrepreneur is willing to throw money… in taxes, but only because it is an inevitable donation; if I don't pay them today tomorrow, the tax office is demanding double with usurious rates! Internet it is not a tax! If I have to maintain an online portal that is 100 years old and pay a fee… then it is better to shut it down!

The entrepreneur should generally spend their money looking for some return such as the generation of new qualified leads (lead generation) or to sell more products / services (sales increase). A third reason could be to increase the reputation of the brand (tracks awarness); these are, potentially, 3 objectives to be used as a guideline in the implementation of every marketing project (and not only at the web level).

Sometimes, rather than throwing money, it is better to use Facebook which in some ways is free! A fan page costs nothing, if not a minimum of effort to build it, and contains all the information that could be on an "old style" portal.

But be careful, having visibility on Facebook for a company is not free ...