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Google Paid Search – Revolutionizing web advertising with SEO and AI-based campaigns

By 28 March 2024No Comments
Google Paid Search - Seo e campagne IA

SEO and Paid Search synergy

The introduction of AI into web processes has upset and revolutionized the way we see the internet and, consequently, also the way in which professionals approach the medium.

The new Artificial Intelligences, applied to the various sectors of the web, represent an undoubted resource which, if exploited correctly, allows us to overtake competitors who, for whatever reason, have not yet implemented this technology in their processes.

In particular, the synergy between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) e Paid Search has become a fundamental pillar for the success of online marketing strategies. 

With the evolution of technologies and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based campaigns by Google, companies and agencies are faced with new challenges and opportunities. In this context, the figure of the SEO agency emerges as an indispensable strategic partner for navigating the complex universe of digital advertising, optimizing Paid campaigns in an effective and innovative way.

An epochal change

Traditionally, Google ADS (formerly known as AdWords) and SEO have been seen as two leviathans of digital marketing, often competing with each other. The goal was to maximize visibility in both organic and paid results, avoiding cannibalization between the two. However, with the introduction of AI-powered campaigns, such as DSA, Smart Shopping, and Performance Max, Google has redesigned the rules of the game.

The evolution of campaigns and the impact of AI

Google's new AI-based campaigns radically transform the approach to paid search. No longer limited by simple keywords, these campaigns leverage complex data on user behavior and information provided by advertisers to maximize results. 

In this scenario, an SEO-optimized website and product feed become powerful tools for feeding Google's algorithms, enabling more targeted and performing campaigns.

What content does Google value?

Google Smart Campaigns are based on three pillars:

  • Max Performance: Access to all Google Ads inventory via specific objectives, requiring strong SEO optimization.
  • Smart Shopping: Integration of Shopping and remarketing campaigns, with particular attention to SEO optimization of the product feed.
  • Dynamic Search Ads: Using website content for dynamic targeting, underlining the importance of a solid SEO strategy.

The indispensable role of the SEO agency

In the current digital landscape, dominated by artificial intelligence, the importance of SEO is growing exponentially. Not only to guarantee organic visibility on Google but also to optimize advertising investments. An effective, cutting-edge SEO strategy proves crucial not only for Google but also for social media and affiliate marketing, where an optimized product feed can mean the difference between a successful campaign and an invisible one.


The evolution of digital marketing strategies towards the integration of SEO and AI-powered campaigns presents an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to amplify their online presence. The key to success lies in collaboration with an expert SEO agency, capable of navigating the new digital landscape, optimizing content and strategies to make the most of the potential offered by new technologies. In this context, it becomes essential for companies to invest in a strategic partnership with agencies that not only understand the dynamics of SEO but are also up to date with the evolution of AI in the field of Google PAIS Search and digital advertising.

Our agency, leader in SEO activities and Google Premier Partner, is ready to accompany you in this new era of digital marketing, guaranteeing you an optimized presence on Google and beyond. Find out how we can transform your online strategy.