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Facebook vs. Skype

Messenger and new group calls

Facebook has boosted Messenger: from now on it will be possible to make a group voice call up to 50 people.
This news was announced by David Marcus, head of Facebool Messenger, who a few days ago with a post on social media.

This will be a provocation for the well-known Skype and Google Hangouts services, the one difference is that video calling is not possible at the moment with Facebook Messenger.

Accessing the group call will be simple, just create a group and start the conversation by touching the handset and you will be able to see which members are participating in the call and which are not.

Messenger, with this novelty, is becoming one of the most important Facebook apps that will increase its use with the eminent arrival of "chatbots", or with virtual voice assistance, the artificial intelligence that will allow companies, businesses, organizations to provide information and services to its users.