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Facebook: static cover or video?

Before deciding how to best set up our business page on Facebook we must focus on some aspects of communication and marketing!
The cover of our page must first of all communicate, express the key idea of our company, make a service known and above all excite!

But how? Simple, with an image or with a video.

And what is the best choice? Well… it depends! Every company can decide the best way to communicate but you need to know that, in recent years, videos have grown exponentially… millions of people prefer to watch a video rather than read!

Research developed by Nielsen points out this growth: in 2016, the 64% of world internet traffic preferred or watched videos on various channels; in 2017 it had a growth to 69% and it is expected, by the end of 2018, to reach 79%. Figures that suggest that video to communicate is the future for companies.
We can make a video to excite, to communicate, to communicate the company philosophy, promote a product, a tutorial on a service, a documentary but we have to think about it and make it professionally in order to attract the public and respecting certain social rules.

Features of the cover video:
The classic Facebook cover images have standard dimensions to respect, that is 828 × 315 pixels that double to have the highest quality even on retina displays.
Video covers also have to respect some rules:
- the duration must be between 20 and 90 seconds
- minimum size 820 x 312 pixels, recommended size 462 pixels in height for retina viewing
- automatic loop playback.

Making the video:
Choose captivating images, look for a nice free audio, think of stimulating texts to match your images and create the video cover respecting the Facebook rules.
The programs to create videos are varied, such as movie maker or slide show if you are not an expert, or Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects if you are a real videomaker.
Once your extraordinary video is finished, go to your Facebook page, click on the “change cover” button, choose “Upload photo / video”, upload the video you just made and that's it!

But be careful!!!
The corporate video cover must be of quality and stimulate curiosity within the first few seconds so as not to let the user “escape”. We keep in mind that it talks about us, represents us, shows the public who we are and what we do, so it must communicate the best of our production, be clear, arouse interest and emotions. If it is poor it will negatively affect the reputation of our company and this is certainly not what we want. Therefore, contact a competent staff who will be able to make you fully exploit the advantages of the videos.

Check out our video cover of Faceboook

If you are interested in the creation of your corporate video to be integrated on the Facebook page, contact us for all the information.

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