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E-commerce – The secret to success is innovation

By 21 December 2023No Comments
E-commerce e innovazione - Il segreto per il successo

The e-commerce industry in Italy has witnessed a remarkable transformation and innovation in recent years, especially due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This emerging trend in the Italian digital landscape deserves an in-depth analysis to better understand the dynamics of the online market and the success strategies of companies. The questions we will answer are essentially two: does the web industry sell? And what are the strategies to exploit the growth of the sector?

E-commerce surge during pandemic

Between 2019 and 2021, e-commerce in Italy recorded exponential growth. The value of e-commerce increased by 28%, going from 31.4 billion to 40.2 billion euros. This increase was accompanied by a 37% increase in the number of online shoppers. 

These surprising but expected data reflect the difficulty of accessing physical stores during the period of restrictions. However, what impressed analysts was the continued growth of the sector even with the end of restrictions.

According to studies by the B2c eCommerce Observatory, a collaboration between Netcomm and the Polytechnic of Milan, online purchases in Italy continued to grow, marking a +14% in 2022 and a +13% in 2023. This brought the value of e -commerce to reach 54 billion euros, with around 33 million active buyers, many of whom prefer to use smartphones for their purchases.

New business models for e-commerce success

Innovation has become a fundamental lever for success in the world of e-commerce. Flexibility, innovation and sustainability are the pillars on which companies build winning strategies to improve the online shopping experience. 

The “ECommerce Italia 2023” report by Casaleggio Associati highlights the importance of innovation to combat inflation and support the increase in sales. Companies that have been able to innovate their service or business model have seen a significant increase in their sales.

The relationship with the consumer can be improved and consolidated through the introduction of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual tests and simulations of physical stores. More conscious and sustainable consumption is another key aspect, as demonstrated by the growing use of recycled materials for packaging.

Let's go into more detail.

Logistics: key factor in the success of e-commerce

There logistics management has become increasingly complex with the increase in volumes of products passing through warehouses and the need for rapid distribution. InPost Group, an operator specialized in "out of home" deliveries, is an example of how to effectively face this challenge, but now many are offering this type of service. Deliveries are made to collection points or lockers in public places, offering a simple, efficient and sustainable solution.

Cheaper and more sustainable shipping: the last mile challenge

The final segment of deliveries, known as the “last mile”, requires optimized management to reduce costs and environmental impact. The “out of home” mode proposed by InPost reduces traffic and emissions, contributing to a more sustainable delivery system.

Modern consumers are very attentive to respect for the environment and tend to "reward" those companies that demonstrate particular attention in this area. If the company's policies allow them to save, the customer is insured. 

Continuous optimization and innovation

The pandemic has accelerated digitalization and led companies to rethink their e-commerce strategies. 

The adoption of advanced technologies, such as new chatbot from Digife which is capable of automating the sending of Whatsapp messages, focusing on better user experience and integrating sustainable practices have become essential for success in this industry.


E-commerce in Italy is experiencing a golden age, driven by constant growth and innovations that transform the way consumers and businesses interact in the digital marketplace. Winning strategies are based on the ability to quickly adapt to changes, integrating advanced technologies and sustainable practices to improve the shopping experience and optimize logistics.

The companies that will be able to make the most of these opportunities will be the ones that will lead the transformation of the e-commerce market in Italy and beyond.