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Digife protagonist at the national assembly FEDAIISF

By 23 June 2022No Comments
FEDAIISF - copertina

FEDAIISF National Assembly

Digife has been supporting the National Federation of Scientific Informants of the drug - FEDAIISF and also this year it was called into question at the meeting where the guidelines are decided both from a strategic and managerial point of view.

This year the web project has had a remarkable success also thanks to the ability of journalists to give free information on a topic that is often guided by the economic dynamics of the stakeholders.

All the associates, heterogeneous in their composition but united in the conviction of being able to provide free information, are always attentive to the possibility of creating synergies and being able to exchange opinions on how to improve their service to the doctor but also to society.

The topics that have been dealt with by the management of Digife in the people of Andrew is Franco Incandela, brothers and co-founders of Digife, have ranged between an analysis of the future earning opportunities of the website, always with particular attention to freedom of information to the technical analysis of the site and ultimately a suggestion to improve the information service and the UX - user experience of users.

Trying to summarize the topics covered in order to outline a procedural phase of the interventions aimed at achieving these objectives, the value of the site was underlined as regards information.

The first point to always keep in mind is that of the culture perpetrated with the articles that are published daily.

The second point dealt with was that relating to advertising that is allowed to Google with certain restrictions on the contents that can be offered.

Another important topic discussed was that relating to services to members with an implementation to the site to give the different sections of the federation the possibility of publishing shared documents and being able to access the sections with a double authentication mechanism by means of a password and one time. password - OTP.

These access mechanisms are fundamental nowadays because security is now a fundamental issue for protecting the documentary heritage of companies as well as associations.

On the analytical side, this year too, success was guaranteed by a flow of user traffic of more than 200,000 visitors who consulted more than 1 million pages with interesting dwell times.

In the final part of the annual report, a new technology was proposed that somehow made the APPs published in the stores (Play Store and Apple Store) less attractive on the market. The PWA - progressive web app - have the possibility of having many already integrated functions typical of native APPs and, at the same time, can use notifications from the Browser updating in real time all those who have activated this service on their mobile.

At the end of the report, these issues raised several questions from the shareholders FEDAIISF and this confirmed a careful participation and interest in the news of the web, confirming the current trend of importance of the correct use of the internet.

Some members have also suggested linking their services already active on the internet within the reserved sections. This is another super topic that represents the future challenge and which, clearly, is a winning asset to involve as many people in the communication process.

Applause is always a pleasure, we wish the continued success of FEDAIISF and renew our technical support activity.

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