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How to check if your site is mobile friendly

By 16 April 2015No Comments

Online browsing is turning radically towards mobile devices and Google understood this immediately, which is why it introduced the new Hummingbird code, which will reward all those sites that have been designed in a Responsive way in terms of visibility. Conversely, sites not yet mobile-friendly will be penalized by finishing at the bottom of the search results.

More and more people are doing searches from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which is why Google has decided to reward sites that have decided to design graphics in a Responsive way.

To facilitate user navigation, the “Mobile-friendly” label will be combined with search results that lead to pages optimized for browsing from smartphones and tablets.

The most significant data concerns the overtaking of mobile traffic over computer traffic: smartphones and tablets recorded the 52% of online traffic.

This change will affect search results across the mobile world and in all languages, Google claims it will have a "significant" impact.

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