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Danea e-commerce collector – An innovative solution for online businesses

By 2 November 2023No Comments
Collettore e-commerce Danea - manager tiene i conti dell'azienda

Last week we had the opportunity to talk about the integration between a management program for companies and e-commerce (Click here to read the full article). With this article we want to revisit and delve deeper into the topic, focusing on Digife's Danea e-commerce collector. 

Thanks to our technical experts, we have in fact created a collector capable of importing products onto the online shop directly from Danea Easyfatt. Among the different options available on the market, Danea's e-commerce collector stands out for its functionality and versatility, providing companies with an essential tool to automate and optimize sales processes. But what does this manifold actually allow you to do and why does it represent a leading choice for modern businesses?

What is Danea's E-commerce Collector?

The Danea e-commerce collector is a tool that allows you to connect your e-commerce site with the famous business management software, with the aim of automating and simplifying numerous operations. 

Think about the sales generated by an e-commerce: each sale involves a series of steps such as updating inventory, invoicing, accounting registration, managing orders and shipments, and much more. These operations, if done manually, take time and can lead to errors. 

That's where the Digife manifold comes in.

Main features and advantages

Danea is one of the most popular and used management software on the market. This is why our Danea e-commerce collector represents a turning point for those who have to simultaneously manage their physical store and their company's e-commerce site. 

Here are the most important advantages:

  • complete integration: one of the main advantages offered by Danea's e-commerce collector is its ability to integrate perfectly with Danea Easyfatt. This means that as soon as a sale is registered on the site, all relevant information is immediately transferred to the management software, eliminating the need for manual entry;
  • real-time update: Inventory is essential for an e-commerce business (and not only of course). The collector ensures that every time a sale is made, stocks are updated in real time, reducing the risk of selling out of stock or underestimating availability;
  • billing automation: the billing process is completely automated. As soon as a customer completes a purchase, an invoice is generated based on the information provided, ensuring accuracy and punctuality;
  • workflow optimization: By automating many processes, companies can save valuable time, focusing resources on other crucial activities such as marketing, customer service or business expansion;
  • safety and reliability: The security of transactions and customer data is a priority for every business. Danea Collector offers advanced security mechanisms to ensure that all information is treated securely.

Why choose the Danea E-commerce Collector?

The answer lies primarily in its ability to make an area of business that can easily become complex and time-consuming efficient and smooth. A business using the manifold can expect a return on investment in terms of time saved, error reduction and increased customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Danea is a well-known and respected brand in the business management software landscape. Their experience in the industry ensures that the collector is always up to date with the latest trends and technologies, and that there is constant support for users.


In an increasingly competitive e-commerce market, companies must equip themselves with the right tools to remain agile and responsive. Danea's e-commerce manifold offers a unique opportunity to automate and optimize business processes, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities and how to offer the best possible experience to their customers.

With a growing dependence on online commerce and a constant evolution of technologies, having a partner like Danea and its powerful e-commerce manifold can make the difference between smooth business management and a process full of hitches and inefficiencies. Investing in solutions like this represents a step in the right direction for every modern business.

Contact us to move on to the Danea e-commerce collector.