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Spotify Rewind, the music of the past in one click

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Spotify Rewind

Personalized music playlists, based on the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s, to make you travel back in time: Spotify presents the novelty Rewind.

To differentiate from an increasingly fierce offer and competition, Spotify launched its new initiative: è Rewind and is already accessible in Italy, both through the desktop interface and through applications. As the name suggests, this is a novelty that can be very interesting for lovers of music of the past, nostalgics and “revival” seekers.

From the site we will be able to choose three contemporary artists that we particularly love and, from these preferences, Spotify will create a Playlist of songs from the past that have influenced the selected artists: starting from the 60s to get to the 00s, passing through the legendary 70s, 80s and 90s. At first, you are asked to select three artists from a list that includes those recently played, with the possibility of choosing the genres to include in the listening. Once the selection has been made, it is necessary to wait a few seconds, then Spotify shows an animation that introduces listening to playlists.

With Spotify Rewind, the company has proven that it can surprise and delight users with a compelling idea and using fairly simple technology.

It is a feature addressed, first of all, to those who prefer the music of the past decades. It is ideal, for example, if you only want to listen to songs relating to a certain period, a particular artist or musical style.

Every playlist it is introduced by a sort of carefully designed cover, with an image, the names of the artists and a preview of the songs contained within.

The initiative is however interesting and could represent a real added value for Spotify in the increasingly competing market of streaming.

Spotify Rewind

Spotify Rewind

Discover Spotify Rewind Now!

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