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The Moruzzi Group Ferris wheel at the Imola circuit – When engines meet entertainment

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In the fascinating setting ofImola Autodrome, an unprecedented event is preparing to combine the adrenaline of car racing with the charm of a real amusement park. Thanks to the innovative vision of Moruzzi Group, the Imola racing circuit welcomes an extraordinary novelty: one 32 meter high Ferris wheel. This installation is not only a symbol of celebration and fun but represents a new way of experiencing motorsport events, offering fans a one-of-a-kind experience.

Ferris wheel: an attraction that looks into the distance

Installed in the square of via Malsicura, the Moruzzi Group Ferris wheel becomes an icon of the renewal of the Imola Autodrome, proposing a completely new vision of major sporting events. The structure, which will remain on site for 40 days, will cover the key moments of the season, starting from World Endurance Championship (April 19-21) until Formula 1 Grand Prix (17-19 May). 

This initiative transforms the area into a real one FanZone, a place where motorsport and entertainment come together to offer visitors an unforgettable experience. The area will be accessible to anyone in possession of a ticket for the race.

A leap in quality in entertainment

There Ferris wheel by Moruzzi Group it will be the spearhead of a series of innovations introduced for the occasion. The exhibition area is also enriched with driving simulators and spaces dedicated to virtual reality, expanding the 360-degree entertainment offering. 

These updates mark an important leap in quality compared to past events, offering an entertainment format that goes far beyond simply watching the races.

A futuristic vision for the Imola racetrack

The installation of the Ferris wheel and the new attractions represents a clear signal of the desire to renew and enrich the fan experience. Moruzzi Group, with its foresight, demonstrates how it is possible to integrate Imola's motorsport tradition with innovative entertainment proposals, making the racetrack not only a place of competition but also of leisure and entertainment for families and enthusiasts of all ages.

A new dimension for sporting events

The Fan Zone, with its Ferris wheel and various attractions, is a one-of-a-kind space, destined to change the way fans experience motorsport events. 

Scheduled for last year, the initiative was postponed to this year due to the disastrous flood that hit the region hard in 2023. However, now everything is ready to start again. In addition to enjoying the thrill of the races, visitors will be able to experience moments of pure fun, admiring the circuit from a totally new perspective and enjoying immersive experiences thanks to virtual reality and driving simulators.

Moruzzi Group: a leader in entertainment innovation

With these initiatives, Moruzzi Group confirms itself as a leader in innovation in the entertainment sector, demonstrating an unrivaled ability to anticipate trends and satisfy the expectations of an increasingly demanding audience looking for complete experiences. 

The introduction of the Ferris wheel at the Imola Autodrome is not only an additional attraction for visitors but is testimony to how entertainment can enrich and enhance international sporting events, creating a perfect combination of entertainment and competition.

In conclusion, the installation of the Ferris wheel by the Moruzzi Group represents a real turning point for the Imola Autodrome, inaugurating a new era in which entertainment merges with sport, offering fans an experience complete and compelling. 

This event marks an important step forward in the world of motorsport, confirming the Imola Autodrome as one of the most innovative and future-oriented circuits on the international scene.

In the meantime, we look forward to April 19th and the first event, the World Endurance Championship.