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Positioning on Google – What affects SEO?

By December 1, 2022No Comments
Posizionamento su Google - copertina

What is the ranking on Google? Have you ever wondered according to what criteria, when we search on the internet, we get a list of results? Why does one site appear before another? Why do we sometimes not find what we are looking for? 

The ranking on Google it is one of the fundamental aspects for the success and good performance of a website, especially if we are talking about e-commerce. A good location allows a site to be easily found on search engines and, consequently, increases its views and sales. But how does it work?

Positioning on Google

The practice that deals with this aspect is called SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and aims to improve the ranking on Google of a site. Those involved in SEO must therefore know the positioning factors, also known as ranking factors, or those elements that significantly determine the position of a site on search engines. 

These positioning factors are very many, over 200, and can be divided into two large categories, the on-site positioning factors and the off-site positioning factors. Let's see them in more detail. 

On-site positioning factors

The on-site positioning factors include all the optimizations that can be carried out within a site. Let's see the most important.

Site longevity

A domain that has a distant registration date acquires greater authority in the eyes of Google. In other words, the older a site is, the better chance it has of a good one ranking on Google.

Upload speed

For years now, Google has prioritized the needs of users who browse the web. And it is with this in mind that search engines value sites with fast page loads more. 


The HTTPS protocol, which can be found in the first part of the URL bar, indicates that the site we are browsing is secure. A fundamental requirement to be well seen in the eyes of the search engine. 

Sitemaps, titles and descriptions

Another important aspect concerns the structure of the site. A site that ranks high in Google search results must necessarily possess three things:

  • a sitemap, the map of the links on the site;
  • the titles and descriptions of each page, which will appear in preview under the site name in search results;
  • the titles within each page of the site, the so-called H1, H2, etc.

Links and anchors

Again with a view to facilitating navigation for web users, the site must be connected in a suitable manner, both internally and externally, through useful links.

Internal links, also called anchor links, must refer to all the other pages of the site that are relevant. The site must be completely and easily navigable. 

External links must refer to useful contents, depending on the needs, which are not found on the reference site.


Finally, an aspect that is often underestimated in the search for the best ranking on Google: pictures. They make a site interesting, colorful and dynamic, but they must be optimized, both in terms of weight and format. 

In fact, the images must be sharp, but not too heavy to slow down the site. 

Off-site positioning factors

Many think that SEO is only about a site working from the inside out, but for a proper one ranking on Google it is also essential to work from the outside. Taking into account off-site positioning factors. Here are the most important.

The backlinks

A site acquires authority, and consequently improves its own ranking on Google, when it is "quoted" by other sites. If, for example, there are links to the same site on many websites, this means that the latter is considered worthy of note, reliable and valid. 

Obviously, the number of these backlinks and their age also have an influence. Contrary to what happens for the seniority of the site, in this case the more recent and "fresh" links count the most. 

The process of creating incoming backlinks to a site is defined link building and it is a necessary practice for a better positioning. 

Local SEO

A good ranking on Google allows a website to be seen all over the world. However, very often, for many sites, positioning on the local territory is more important. To do this, there are specific strategies such as creating one Google Business tab

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