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Why collaborating with a micro influencer can help your e-commerce

By 7 September 2023No Comments
Micro Influencer al lavoro

That the public has always done to influence by stars, athletes and famous people of various kinds, it is certainly not a secret. Indeed, it is a phenomenon that has roots far back in time, so much so that it is almost impossible to trace its origins. 

Today, this ability to guide people's tastes, opinions and, ultimately, purchases no longer belongs to movie stars, but is the prerogative of the so-called influencer (and micro influencers). 

These content creators have enormous persuasive power towards their target audience. In this article we will explore strategies for effective collaboration with micro influencers and how to make the most of it for your e-commerce. 

Who are micro influencers? 

THE micro influencers they are individuals who have a relatively modest online presence compared to the more well-known influencers, who are instead real web celebrities, such as Chiara Ferragni, but who have a highly engaged and loyal follower base. 

Their authenticity and ability to create relevant and genuine content is what sets them apart. These influencers are often experts in a specific field, be it fashion, technology, cooking, fitness, or any other niche of interest.

What advantages do we get by collaborating with a micro influencer?

Associating your brand, product and e-commerce with a micro influencer brings a series of competitive advantages, the first and most obvious of which is the visibility. A micro influencer, although little known, has very active followers who follow everything he says, does and promotes. 

As a result, micro influencers can often boast a very high engagement rate, both with respect to classic advertising and with respect to the most famous influencers. This last point is due to the fact that their followers strongly identify with their content and trust their recommendations.

Another advantage of entrusting the promotion of your brand to a micro influencer is that the latter are considered more authentic because they maintain a more personal and less advertising tone in their posts. This makes them credible in the eyes of their audience.

Finally, there is an economic advantage. Collaborating with micro influencers can be cheaper compared to digital celebrities. This allows small and medium-sized businesses to leverage the appeal of influencers without breaking their budget.

How to request their collaboration?

To undertake a collaboration with a content creator, the first thing to do is identify the right influencer. As mentioned, micro influencers often specialize in a very specific market niche and you just need to do some research on social media to find many of them. It is worth noting that a micro influencer will have a following of between 10,000 and 100,000 followers.

The second important thing to evaluate is the choice of social network. In fact, most influencers have a main social network through which they communicate with their followers. It is necessary to choose a social network that is functional to your company and your products.

Facebook, for example, is populated by users who are mostly male and aged between 25 and 4 years of age, while Tik Tok has a younger user base, whose age varies between 16 and 24 years. Depending on the products you plan to promote, one platform is more suitable than the other. 

Once you have identified the best platform and the right personality, it will then be sufficient to send her a message via the relevant social network, requesting collaboration. Alternatively, you can turn to a web agency such as Digife, who is able to support you, advise you and put you in touch with the best influencer for your needs.

Strategies for effective collaboration

The considerations made in the previous paragraph already fall, in reality, into a very specific strategy, namely identifying the micro influencers who are in line with the values and image of your brand. This will ensure continuity between your e-commerce message and that of the influencer. 

When involving a micro influencer it is important to share with him (or her) which ones goals you intend to achieve and what you intend to achieve from this collaboration. So try to define what you expect from the partnership and how you will measure success.

That said, it's essential to let micro-influencers have some say creative freedom in content creation. This allows them to tailor the message for their audience in a more authentic way. They certainly know better than you how to get your message across to their followers.

One of the characteristics of micro influencers that we listed above is genuineness. This is why collaboration should focus on transparency. The public that follows these web personalities also does so because they believe them to be "true" and will therefore appreciate their honesty and sincerity.

Finally, try to define specific metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the collaboration. This can include audience engagement, conversions, increased sales, or more. In this way you will be able to evaluate whether the operation is successful or whether it is necessary to review the strategy. 

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