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The road experimentation of the car that drives itself Google Car begins

By 15 May 2015No Comments

A car capable of driving "alone", without a driver, a new test phase is triggered.

The Google car is ready to debut on the road, the first tests will start this summer in the neighborhoods adjacent to the headquarters of Big G.

The goal is to have fully computer-controlled cars that eliminate human error, a factor estimated as the cause of the 90% of the million and 200 thousand accidents that occur on the road every year in the world.

Here is the Google Car in a video:


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The Google Car prototype that will debut on public roads can drive, brake, recognize obstacles and dangers on the road without human intervention. However, the new car will not be able to exceed a speed of 40 km / h and is electric, it must be “recharged” every 130 km. In the beginning it will also have a steering wheel and pedals because Californian regulations require them, and it will be tested with a human inside.