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OpenWifi adds efficiency and security to your business's internet connection

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Sensitive to the growing need of people to always be connected in every place and time of the day, OpenWifi he designed the intelligent hotspot service for all those businesses that are attentive to the needs of their customers.

Do you have a business? By choosing OpenWifi your customers can count on one fast and secure connection, available on any mobile device that uses the wifi system, such as pc, tablet and smartphone.

What is OpenWifi hotspot?

It is a router device, self-installing, which is simply connected via the Ethernet cable supplied to any Internet access (an ADSL modem of any operator).

How does it work?

the system will ask the customer who wants to connect to OpenWifi, to enter their credentials in the appropriate fields. Once you have entered your login credentials, the connection is free in every area covered by the OpenWifi service. When a customer logs in for the first time, their password is automatically sent to their personal mailbox.

After logging in, the addressing to any website is automatic and the connection is fast.

What are the benefits?

The access of Internet it is, however, always controllable by the manager who can program schedules and even decide to limit the bandwidth that can be supplied to users, so as not to be excluded from its availability and to avoid "download" cunning.

OpenWifi is the added value to your business because in addition to offering a efficient and fast service to your customers, it helps you build customer loyalty.

How? By matching the service OpenWifi to that of Newsletter!

The service of automated newsletter collects information and data from the panel of OpenWifi and optimizes them in order to implement marketing campaigns times a build customer loyalty, keeping it constantly updated on news, conventions, promotions.

Using OpenWifi as a marketing tool you could decide, for example, to launch a promotional campaign in the last hour of your business opening, offering your customers a discount of 50%; or, you could send a real-time message with personalized text.

 Do you want more information?

If you are interested in the OpenWifi service and you want more information, visit the website or contact us directly on the page