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Personalized advertising material

Personalized advertising material

To make Dafas and its products known during trade fairs, various exhibition spaces, shopping centers. Digife has created personalized advertising material suitable for every place and every occasion. Can be used in the office, at trade fairs or other events, indoors or outdoors.

Realization custom graphics of a high quality Roll-Up banner with professional graphics tailored to the customer's needs and a widely used tool that allows you to position the advertising message. Our roll-ups are supplied turnkey, therefore personalized and printed ready to use, already assembled, pre-assembled and with transport bag.
And various promotional flyers to promote the company and seasonal promotions for the sale and installation of indoor and outdoor pergolas and canopies of all kinds.


Advertising flyers are one of the most traditional and ancient ways of promoting your business or product. Despite the evolution of technologies and the emergence of new marketing channels, they continue to be an effective tool for reaching your target audience and getting the most out of your advertising campaigns.
Advertising is a crucial aspect to the success of any product or service. It serves to make the product or service known to the public and to understand its benefits, advantages and uniqueness.

Advertising flyers are a traditional marketing tool, but no less effective. They are still used by many companies to promote their products or services, and are a great option for reaching a large audience easily and cheaply.

In a world where technology is constantly changing the way companies promote their products, advertising flyers represent a traditional solution that has not lost its effectiveness. In fact, they can be distributed in public places such as shopping centers, squares or fairs, thus reaching a large audience.