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The live streaming revolution

By 31 March 2015No Comments

The first to leave was Meerkat. The app allows you to stream live video via Twitter. Now twitter responds with Periscope


Twitter made Periscope available. Once the recording has started and published via Twitter, the app allows you to chat while watching the video and express your pleasure: a tap will make hearts appear on the screen.

Is it just an app challenge? No, the speech is much more complex in fact Twitter has moved quickly for fear of seeing eroded a part of the market that has long identified as the most profitable of the next few years: video.

Above all for an advertising matter: streaming is a revolution because it introduces a new mode of communication applicable to different worlds, from journalism, to personal webTV to advertising.

DigiFe has developed a proprietary technology that allows you to activate your Web TV with continuous data flow and without time limits without limits related to compatibility.

In fact, the live is visible through any device without the need to use proprietary APPs. more information on