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The beauty of music thanks to Spotify

By 23 June 2015No Comments
Bellezza della musica

It has always been said that the first time you do something is special.Bellezza della musica

You still know the beauty of those moments?

Now, put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never heard beauty of music, the sounds, from the most everyday to the most complex. The voice of relatives, of children. A dog barking, birds in the trees. If one day, after a life of silence, the hearing door opens to those who have closed it for various reasons, what do you think your emotions would be?

Spotify and the Starkey Hearing Foundation, a foundation that provides support to deaf people around the world, have asked themselves this question. The decision was to let people discover the world of sounds that had never had the opportunity.

At the Philippine locality of Puerto Princesa the Swedish music streaming company and the organization supporting the deaf have arrived. A corner of the world where hearing care is not one of the social priorities, especially for those who live in precarious conditions and in difficult situations.

Give emotions to those who have not felt them for a long time

The beauty of music: this is the goal of the Make Music Change campaign, created thanks to the altruism of users, Spotify and the Starkey Hearing Foundation, has raised the necessary funds for the donation of hearing aids to nearly 1000 people.

The stories are many. Among these we find those of 16-year-old Jessa Mae, daughter of a family of fishermen, accustomed to the jarring sound of the sea. In tears, for the first time, she could feel it. For Isagani, 59, “Listening to my children's songs? It was the best gift ”. Now he has started learning to play with them.

The desire to listen to their children play in concert, turn up the volume of the car radio, in the car or at work, dance with friends on the beach, the dream has come true. Because for some people dreams are what we call normality.

What would be the first song you would like to hear after years of silence?