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Christmas email marketing guide: how to increase purchases on your ecommerce

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We know that these are real golden times for Italian e-commerce, sales continue to grow, the value of purchases will reach almost 20 billion euros and Christmas, like every year, is the most intense and profitable period.
Customers no longer feel like a grueling gift hunt, queuing in empty shops or finding themselves in an avenue full of people! Now you have the desire to buy your gift sitting comfortably on the sofa and with a simple click!

So why not increase your online sales volume with a good email marketing strategy? We know, it soon seems to be already talking about Christmas, but a good campaign must be designed, created ok and programmed according to the interests of its customers.
And what better and simpler method for all of this than a newsletter? An e-mail capable of communicating directly with the customer capable of satisfying his needs and interests.

Below we will explain a simple action plan to maximize your Christmas sales!
1. Launch campaign: to do towards the end of October where to announce new products and avoid the long queues in the store
2. Early season campaign: to do in the first days of November when the Christmas season kicks off with all the gifts for her, for him, cheap, chic, special, etc ...
3. Resubmission: to be done one week after the opening campaign by segmenting all those users who have not read the email or have not opened it, or but opened without clicking on a specific product category!
4. Campaign to recommend a product: in mid-November - by segmenting customers, you can send more specific and targeted emails to purchase
5. "Best product" campaigns: end of November - with the list of the best products most bought during the year
6. Promotions and discounts: send a prone with a code or an expiring time in which to buy at discounted prices
7. Plan the balances: starting after Christmas, start communicating the January sales to your customers!

To make all this effective, it is not enough to send emails from your favorite program but you have to rely on a good email marketing platform, an effective newsletter service able to profile customers and guaranteeing the sending of thousands of emails in a safe and certain.
Digife can offer you a service of professional newsletter configured on our proprietary server with the main feature of being able to avoid blocking your email account and without ending up spam.