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Google Hire: the new service that will revolutionize the way to find work

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Google Hire is a tracking platform aimed, above all, at those who offer work, since it provides companies with a virtual space for the publication of ads and the application management of individual citizens.

In its operation, the new Google project it is similar to that of other existing platforms such as Linkedin, even if the colossus of the web has already disclosed that Google Hire will have an extra gear that will revolutionize the relationship between companies that deal with staff recruitment and candidates for orbusiness trips.

The purpose of this platform is to improve relationships and quality in the world of lI work, starting precisely from the basics, that is, from a targeted and meticulous search for the ideal candidate. Google announced that some famous brands such as Poynt, Medisas and DramaFever have already decided to marry the service.

Although there is already a Home Page of Google Hire with button to login in the center of the page, at the moment it is not yet possible to go beyond the portal Home and it is not yet clear how the new service will be organized.

The system Google Hire it is still being tested but is likely to be operational in a few weeks.