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Google Consent Mode version 2 – From March 2024 it will be mandatory for privacy management

By 22 February 2024No Comments
Google Consent Mode V2

From March 2024 the cc V2 will become mandatory!

Following the legal problems it has faced in recent years, Google has decided to opt for greater transparency regarding privacy and user data management. 

Privacy management is a delicate topic, especially if you consider that the rules change depending on the country of reference, whether in Europe, the United States or the rest of the world. 

In particular, the European regulations have caused quite a few problems for the American giant which, for this very reason, has implemented the Google Consent Mode version 2, which will become mandatory from March this year.

In short, this update aims to provide a more precise and compliant solution with user consent regulations within the European Union, while ensuring more effective and privacy-friendly data management.

What is Google Consent Mode V2?

The Google Consent Mode V2 represents a significant evolution in user consent management, offering greater precision in data collection and analysis. 

In particular, this new version allows you to acquire the user's consent separately for advertising and analytical cookies. An innovative aspect is that, even in the event of refusal of consent by the user, the system is designed to send anonymous information to Google ADS, thus improving the precision and effectiveness of conversion tracking.

The benefits of the update

Upgrading to Consent Mode V2 offers numerous benefits, both for users and website managers. Among these, the following stand out:

  • greater correspondence of data to reality: the possibility of recovering navigation information in aggregate form allows the data transmitted to Google ADS and GA4 to be more realistic, optimizing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;
  • compliance with privacy regulations: the adoption of Consent Mode V2 helps ensure compliance with major privacy regulations, such as the GDPR in the European Union and the CCPA in the United States, improving privacy management;
  • improvement of user experience: By allowing users to manage their privacy preferences in more detail, Google Consent Mode V2 significantly improves the user experience on the web.

Implementation of Google Consent Mode V2

To adapt to the new Google Consent Mode, developers and website managers can follow different paths, depending on the consent management solution already in use. 

Those using Google's CMP partner solutions, such as Cookiebot, Iubenda, or Consent Manager, will find the switch relatively simple, with specific instructions provided by their respective vendors. For custom solutions, you will need to make some significant technical changes, particularly in managing the scripts they interact with Google Tag Manager, to ensure correct communication of user consent preferences.


The introduction of Google Consent Mode V2 marks an important step towards more precise and regulatory-compliant data and privacy management. With its improvements in consent collection, ad performance and user experience, this innovation represents a significant opportunity for companies to optimize their online strategies, while ensuring greater protection of user privacy. 

The transition to the new version will require a technical and strategic adjustment, but the benefits in terms of regulatory compliance and optimization of advertising performance promise to be significant.

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