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Google will delete millions of Gmail accounts – Here's why and how to avoid it

By 1 December 2023No Comments
Account Gmail inattivi addio

In an unprecedented move, Google announced which starting from 1 December 2023 will proceed with the permanent cancellation of all inactive personal Gmail accounts for more than two years. 

This decision marks a significant turning point in the company's policies, which previously limited itself to removing archived content present in unused accounts, without deleting it completely. 

What has changed? And how to prevent this from happening?

The Importance of Google Policy

This new Google policy was motivated by the need to strengthen security, in response to the growing threat of targeted hacker attacks against vulnerable accounts. However, the decision appears excessively drastic in the eyes of many users. 

There are numerous reasons why a user might not log in to their Gmail account for long periods, without necessarily overlooking security or privacy issues.

Risks and Implications

Deleting these “dormant” accounts puts valuable data, information and contacts at risk. Google promised to send preventive notifications to the affected addresses, but failure to receive or read these alerts could lead to an irreversible loss of information.

So what to do to avoid finding yours Gmail accounts deleted forever?

Gmail Account at Risk: How to Protect Yourself

To avoid cancellation, users must act promptly, as the deadline is set for December 1st. 

Simply log in to your account and/or send an email to report your activity. This simple gesture will extend the life of your account for another two years. Be careful though, users must be aware that, once the deadline has passed, inactive accounts will return to being subject to Google's policy.

Important Exceptions

However, there are important exceptions, which are not affected by the cancellation. It is indeed crucial to note that Google's drastic policies do not affect Gmail accounts created for work, school or organizational purposes. 

These accounts enjoy greater protection and will not be canceled even if inactive for periods exceeding two years.

Useful Tips

Our tips to avoid deleting your inactive Gmail account are:

  1. Checking notifications: check your email for any notifications from Google regarding account cancellation;
  2. Regular access: if you have Gmail accounts that you rarely use, consider logging in periodically, with the sole purpose of keeping them active;
  3. Data Backup: Back up your important data regularly. Google Drive or other cloud services can be useful options in this regard; 
  4. Update Contact Information: Make sure your contact information is updated to receive important alerts, otherwise you risk not knowing when Google sends you the cancellation notification;
  5. Evaluate account importance: Consider the importance of the data stored in your Gmail account. If the account contains crucial information, it is essential to take care of it;
  6. Act promptly: time is running out and, if you want to save the data contained in your Gmail accounts, act now.


Google's new policy is an important reminder of the importance of actively managing our digital identities. In an era where personal and professional data is increasingly digitized, it becomes crucial to remain vigilant about the security and preservation of information online. 

While some may see this move as an annoyance, it is also an opportunity for users to review and revamp their digital presence, ensuring their important information remains protected and accessible. 

If you also have (or suspect you have) a Gmail account that has been inactive for some time, don't wait and log in now to avoid losing important data.

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