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Facebook target

Find out how to reach the right fans for your business

Facebook updates and now it's possible to target our posts.
Decreasing the organic reach of posts may seem wrong, fewer people will see our publications or any promotions, but they will always be more targeted.


Let's explain how!
Publishing too many posts a day, with content of any kind is wrong; the people who follow your page and see too many uninteresting posts on their boards spammy you ”and therefore the views of the company page will decrease drastically.
With the new Facebook tool that targets your post it will be visible to fewer people than before but much more interested and who may comment or share your post.
If Facebook notices that your page's post becomes interesting for fans corresponding to the chosen target, that page will be rewarded and consequently your audience will increase.
So, even if it may seem counterintuitive, a small audience interested in our business is better than a large and disinterested one.

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