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E-commerce in 2021 - Because this is the right year

By 3 August 2021No Comments
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E-commerce in 2021

The economic crisis resulting from the emergency for the Covid-19 pandemic has affected many sectors and, in particular, that of commerce. Many businesses, in fact, have been forced to close their doors for a long time and, even after the long-awaited reopening, business has advanced slowly.

Forced closures have forced people to limit their expenses and the fear of the virus has reduced travel, with consequent repercussions on tourism.

However, there is a sector that has not suffered the blow but, on the contrary, has seen its turnover steadily grow. We are talking about the  e-commerce, the so-called e-commerce.

The numerous lockdowns and restrictive measures imposed by the government to contain the pandemic have radically changed consumer habits. Who, during the many months spent at home, have not given up on shopping anyway.

From basic necessities to electronics, even the less practical consumers of the digital world have been forced to turn to the web to buy the most disparate products.

We are facing an important change, which does not seem to want to stop now that the pandemic emergency seems to have returned.

If 2020 witnessed a real boom in the online trade, data in hand, thee-commerce continues to record an increase in online sales in 2021.

Simply put, many consumers who have experienced the e-commerce during the lockdown they never came back.

2021 is the right year

To better understand the extent of this change, according to data from theIstat, between January and December 2020, retail sales fell by 5.4%, while sales related to the online trade rose by 34.6%.

That thee-commerce both the future of retail trade is now a fact and the Covid-19 emergency has only accelerated the process. In this sense, it is therefore important for a trader to know how to adapt to the times and to customer requests.

In a period in which traditional commerce is struggling to recover, the solution could be to rely on the web and start a e-commerce.

In fact, many companies took advantage of the period to digitize themselves and ride the success of the e-commerce.

It is certainly an advantageous process but, at the same time, new and almost unknown to most. For this reason it is important to rely on professionals of thee-commerce who are able to develop and manage a website, especially if you are not very experienced in the sector.

Digife - the e-commerce specialists

Expanding your business through e-commerce is not just about building a website. The ever-increasing number of sites on the web requires that, in order to be found by potential customers, it is necessary to be able to stand out from the multitude and offer visitors a unique, easy and fast experience.

Online sales are based on principles very similar to the classic "face-to-face" sale, with the difference that the competition on the web is, for obvious reasons, greater.

it is therefore advisable to rely on an agency of professionals in the sector who are able to take care of all aspects of creating a website in detail.

With a team specialized in all aspects of the web, Digife offers a wide range of services ranging from creating Web sites tailored, e-commerce professional, automated services of newsletter antispam with mailing control, SEO optimization, campaigns Google Ads, realization of advertising graphics and a remote assistance service.

With a 360 ° support, we are able to follow the customer in every phase of the work, from the definition of a strategy to the measurement of results. Realizing your idea on the web has never been easier!