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"INFO CSO" logo design

Information APP of the Emilia Romagna Regional Fruit and Vegetable Production Chain

Study of the logo, proposals for use and symbol of the APP for the Emilia Romagna regional fruit and vegetable supply chain.

Customer request:
We were asked to create three different logo proposals:

  • lettering
  • "Design / symbol"
  • plus a third idea that included both elements with the possibility of breaking down if necessary;
  • in addition, the creation of a brand-book with the color versions, purpose and use was requested.

The guiding keywords for the design of the logo provided by the client are:

  • fruit and vegetables
  • smart
  • technology
  • statistics
  • information.

Project "Usable information for the development of the Emilia Romagna Regional Fruit and Vegetable System":
The CSO carries out an intervention in partnership with ALMA MATER STUDIORUM UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA with Professor Maurizio Canavari as scientific director, APOFRUIT ITALIA SOC. COOP. AGR., OROGEL FRESCO SOC. COOP AGR, DINAMICA SOC. CONS. A RL, FRUIT AND VEGETABLE COOPERATIVE the VE.BA. SOC. COOP, ALI 'SPA.
The GOI intends to carry out a project aimed at creating a digital fruit and vegetable platform, a sort of "supply chain accelerator" capable of transmitting innovations relating to production, the market and the entire regional production system in order to guarantee economic growth and structure of the primary production sector and of the entire related supply chain.

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