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How to avoid unsubscribing from the newsletter - 5 useful tips

By 12 May 2022No Comments
Disiscrizioni alla newsletter - copertina

There newsletter it is a very useful tool for those companies that want to maintain a strong presence on the web. Thanks to this tool, in fact, it is possible to increase the number of loyal customers, keep them updated on the latest news and even carry out surveys to monitor the opinions and needs of customers. (To learn more about the topic, refer to thededicated article). 

Manage a project newsletter (or better to say email marketing) is a long and complex job, which involves a precise marketing strategy and a periodic study of the data collected. However, when handled correctly, the newsletter it can be an important source of income for your business. After spending time and money in creating a quality clientele, however, you run the risk of seeing the number of registrations drop rapidly. newsletter, just when it is time to convert hard work into sales. 

How can you avoid this bleeding of unsubscribe from the newsletter? Read on to discover our 5 helpful tips. 

Newsletter unsubscribe - is it always bad?

Before starting, however, it is good to make a clarification: some unsubscribe it is inevitable, it is impossible to think that no one decides to unsubscribe from yours newsletter, regardless of the commercial sector of your e-commerce. 

On closer inspection, however, this is not a negative aspect. Users who decide for unsubscribe from the newsletter they are probably little or not at all interested in your products and would not open your email anyway. If the number of people who do not open your emails is high, there is the possibility of being "pointed out" as a spammer and therefore seeing all your email ending up in the spamLosing this slice of the public can therefore prove to be a small problem, if not a positive thing.

5 tips 

Of course, if the number of unsubscribe from the newsletter is too high, then we have a problem. To avoid high rates of unsubscribe from the newsletter however, there are some precautions that can be taken. Here we are finally with the 5 useful tips to limit the number of unsubscribers. 

1 - Double opt-it

The double-opt in is a double verification system which, before concluding the registration phase, asks the user to confirm that he really wants to register. In practice, this is an effective way to make sure all subscribers are interested in receiving information about your company. 

Compared to the traditional method, namely the single opt-in, the double opt-in certainly brings a smaller number of subscribers, but ensures that the contacts acquired are of quality. 

2 - Header 

On an operational level, the first thing to take care of is the header of yours newsletter, or thesubject of the email. The latter can in fact be the discriminating factor that separates a successful newsletter campaign from a useless one. In particular, the subject of the e-mail must be interesting, but at the same time relevant. Absolutely avoid writing emails with exaggerated titles, perhaps useful to capture attention and push users to read the content, but which do not respect the content of the newsletter

We don't just want your customers to open the email, we want to follow the path that goes there newsletter from them, which usually leads to the e-commerce site, where they can make their purchases. After all, the final goal is precisely to monetize and, to do so in the most effective way, it is useful to attract customers who find your products interesting. 

In short, don't lie to your customers. 

3 - Formatting

In these lines we will not dwell on the content of the newsletter, which varies according to the commercial activity of reference. The only advice in this regard is the same as in the previous paragraph: try to create interesting and relevant content. 

Of course, theThe contents of the newsletter that you send periodically is obviously important, but don't forget the form. An email that is beautiful to look at and tidy immediately gives a professional air, not to mention that it is easier to read and therefore to understand. So pay special attention to the final shape of yours newsletter, also checking the result through different devices: computer and mobile on all. More and more web users, in fact, use the smartphone as their primary navigation tool.

Therefore, make sure that the email you have created is understandable, orderly and visually pleasing even when opened via a mobile phone. 

4 - Feedback

There newsletter it does not necessarily have to be a "one-way" tool, but it can become an important "two-way" means of communication. In other words, you can take advantage of the newsletter not only to give information, but also to ask for it. For example, you can ask for guidance on how often your customers expect to receive information from you. This way you can avoid being annoying towards your customers. 

Other information that you may collect is for example related to the products, promotions and services offered. Getting an idea of what your customers want can turn into a powerful tool for planning a marketing strategy. 

5 - Separate consignments

Both in the registration phase and through the above feedbacks you now have the opportunity to steal the interests of users. Thanks to this information you can segment your audience, based on individual preferences. 

By sending e-mails with different content to different users, you ensure that they receive interesting information and, as a result, it is very likely that they will continue to follow you. Conversely, users who receive uninteresting emails will be more likely to unsubscribe from the newsletter.