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Checkout in the cloud and E-commerce - a perfect match

By 14 July 2022No Comments
Cassa in cloud e e-commerce - copertina

The cash register in the cloud it is becoming an increasingly popular tool in the retail sector. Thanks to the numerous advantages it offers, in fact, the cash register in the cloud it was positively received by both shop owners and customers. It speeds up and simplifies the management of payments, receipts, orders, inventory and introduces the possibility of offering various services that are not possible with an ordinary cash register.

The number of commercial activities in Italy that opts for this solution is growing rapidly. But what if, in addition to a physical store, you also own an e-commerce? 

Why having an e-commerce is important 

According to the data collected by analysts, in 2021 in Italy purchases were made on the web for a value of 39.4 billion euros. Of course, these data are also children of the historical period we are going through. Nevertheless, the online trade it is certainly one of the few sectors that in recent years, not only has not suffered repercussions due to crises, pandemics and war, but on the contrary has been the protagonist of strong growth. 

Following this trend, more and more businesses have entered the world of the web, combining the physical store with an online store, thee-commerce. And it is thanks to this showcase that anyone with a smartphone can see, that many stores have managed to survive the hard period of lockdowns. Forced to keep their businesses closed due to restrictions, many merchants have indeed benefited from the ability to sell online.

On the other hand, many consumers have used the web for their purchases and buying on e-commerce has become a habit for many. This trend doesn't seem to have any plans to subside and is definitely a must-see for traders who don't yet have it.

Starting to sell through e-commerce is certainly advantageous in terms of revenue, but many think that it is something complicated to manage and that it requires a lot of additional work, compared to their usual work. In the next paragraphs we will explain instead that this is not the case, that there is an easy way to manage both activities. How? With the cash register in the cloud, obviously. 

Integrate e-commerce with cloud checkout

The functions of the cash register in the cloud they go far beyond simply sending the fees to the Revenue Agency, as required by law. Through a cash register in the cloudin fact, it is possible to manage and sell any type of product on multiple channels at the same time: restaurant, bar, shop and e-commerce. 

Through a program it is possible to create a completely customizable list of products, from the price, to the image, up to the description. The owner of a shop will thus be able to create a virtual warehouse with all the products on sale. 

The interesting thing? Once created, the warehouse is automatically updated every time a product is sold, either through the cash register in the cloud in store and on e-commerce. But the benefits certainly don't end there. Here are the most interesting:

  • the products on sale can be purchased both in the store and on your e-commerce. In this way your customers will be able to choose the purchase method they prefer and you will be able to increase your turnover; 
  • inventory synchronized with all stores, physical and online. In order not to lose track of sales, inventory and orders; 
  • ability to manage multiple warehouses and multiple points of sale at the same time. Managing your business thus becomes much easier; 
  • complete and autonomous management of prices, discounts, promotions, coupons, products. You can decide at any time and in total autonomy;
  • telematic and rapid assistance.

Other advantages

Not convinced yet? Well, because the benefits aren't over yet! Previously we focused on the benefits that the cash register in the cloud introduces for the management of your e-commerce. But the telematic recorder is not limited to this: 

  • works on any device and operating system (iOs, Windows, Android); 
  • accurate, easy and fast accounts. When it's time to make a receipt, just add the products to the cart (the products you previously added to the management system). The cash desk will automatically create the balance to be paid and eliminate the products sold from the warehouse; 
  • customer loyalty. There cash register in the cloud allows you to collect data about your customers. This offers two advantages, on the one hand it speeds up the issuing of invoices since customer data is already saved in the cloud. On the other hand, it allows you to refine your marketing strategy; 
  • real-time statistics. The cashier also saves the data of your business, the products sold, the daily collection, the movements of goods, inventory and even personnel; 
  • Faster payments. There cash register in the cloud it can be synchronized with smartphones and tablets, giving you the possibility to charge customers even without them having to come to the cashier. 

The XPos cloud cash register

In short, move on to cash register in the cloud can help your company increase profits, improve service and build customer loyalty. The transition to this new technology is easy to do, but it is always better to rely on a reliable agency, able to follow you and resolve any doubts you may have in the initial stages.

For this we propose XPos, NexUp's solution for cash register in the cloud. Xpos has been designed for all commercial activities, from restaurants, retail stores, fashion stores, hairdressers and beauty centers. Furthermore, thanks to the dedicated management software, it is possible to integrate the cash register with your e-commerce. 

Finally, one is available on the site simple guide on the operation of the cash register and a 24-hour telematic assistance service is active. Contact us for more information.