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CarNote App. Will avoid quarrels between motorists

CarNote App. it's a new one application designed by some PhD students of the Eindhoven University of Technology which will allow the motorists to apologize for misbehavior in real time by sending emergency messages.

For example when you are trapped in traffic with the anxiety and rush to arrive on time at work, for an appointment or a lesson, or when there are motorists undisciplined who do not respect the rules of the road and cause anger and aggression behind the wheel, but not only!

Are you going too fast? You cause anxiety and agitation.

Slow down? You're stressful because someone won't be on time because of you.

In short, both for better and for worse, the only certain thing is that, if you are behind the wheel, even unknowingly, you are causing stress to someone.

This is the stressful everyday life of many motorists!

On the road, anger easily takes over and the reactions are disproportionate to the situations. What is the reason? Basically not knowing.

We do not know the counterpart, we do not know and we cannot understand why it behaves in a certain way on the road. A motorist with reckless driving you could have in your car a person suddenly struck by an illness or a pregnant woman about to give birth. Conversely, a driver with a very comfortable driving position may not feel very well and have decided to go slow.

There may be several reasons, but who knows ?!

Again, soon, technology will come to our rescue.

Some PhD students from Eindhoven University of Technology have made an application that uses the augmented reality to put the motorists on the road and thus reduce fights and driving stress. The aim is to make known the reasons for a certain conduct on the road, creating empathy between the driver.

CarNote is the name of theApp. result of the project signed by the team of Chao Wang.

How does CarNote App. Work?

It will be sufficient to download theapp. CarNote on cell phone and install a screen on the windshield on which messages, preset by others, will be projected motorists, relating to the closest cars such as: “I'm looking for a road”; "I'm lost"; "I'm running to the hospital"; "Ride to the airport".

The App. CarNoteconsequently, it would become an aid in solving problems of public order.

Do you think that in the United States alone the statistics record 1500 people a year, injured or killed as a result of quarrels between motorists.

Furthermore, it appears that the system will give the opportunity to motorists to assign likes or negative comments depending on the behavior, creating a real one social network, whose "ranking" could even be used by insurance companies to establish rates and premiums.

Chao Wang communicated that CarNote App. will be supported by software capable of identifying the cars from the license plate, in order to avoid abuses of the function and to set a maximum limit of times in which a motorist can use the emergency messages.