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Matching brochures and leaflets

Coordinated brochures and leaflets for corporate communication

Creating brochures and leaflets is one of the strategies to be put into practice to implement effective corporate communication to inform the user about the products of the Cavalleretti company in a clear, fast and practical way.

Digife designed and created a coordinated graphic design that included various brochures dedicated to individual products, directly taking care of the printing, choosing materials and weights.

The final result is influenced by this harmonious and linear process. The customer satisfied with the collaboration will continue creating new brochures for new product ranges.

Here are some examples of company brochures created for different businesses. From the information brochure to the services brochure, each features customized corporate graphics and a distinctive style. We have brochures for in-depth consultation in A4 format of 4 pages, larger brochures and catalogs of 16/32 pages or more, suitable for a detailed display of the products and services offered by the business.

Corporate Design for various companies with coordinated graphics – CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PROJECT

Restyling of the “Corporate Identity” – CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PROJECT

Bioline Corporate Image with coordinated Brochures and leaflets – CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PROJECT