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5G: Huawei and virtual reality

By 29 May 2019No Comments

“5G technology can provide an unprecedented experience and bring new products and services such as those associated with virtual reality that are spreading faster and faster in China. This is what Huawei claims that it has provided coverage to 'fly over' the park where the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 is held at the foot of the Great Wall in Beijing, wearing virtual reality glasses. With the real-time data transfer offered by the technology, it is possible to see the 503-hectare park from the point of view of drones that film it via cameras.

Among the 10 applications for 5G that the Chinese technology giant presented in a report published entitled “5G unlocks a world of opportunity”, reality ranks first. According to a report by the Global System for Mobile Communications Association, China will become the world's largest market for 5G, reaching 460 million network users by 2025.

The virtual reality market in 2017 grew by 164% year-on-year to reach 16 billion yuan. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the market is likely to exceed 90 billion yuan by 2020. Sun Wenbo, chief executive of Beijing-based virtual reality company LetinVR, said he believes 5G will mark a breakthrough as technology provides users with a stable, high-quality virtual reality experience and makes it easier to introduce virtual reality applications in fields such as education, sports, live broadcasting and remote business collaboration and others. "


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