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How to optimize your website for Google voice search

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ottimizzare il sito web - ricerca vocale google

The voice assistants have revolutionized the way people search online and the Google voice search, made available to the user looking for a product or service, is among the growing tools to keep an eye on for optimize the website.

The main objective of the most used search engine in Italy is to provide the user with the most precise, relevant and exhaustive answers to his questions. Therefore, it also favors those who have known how best to optimize the website vocal research, showing it among the first search results.

To be found by potential customers, it can definitely come in handy optimize the website for Google voice search. We'll explain how to do it below.

Google voice search: content is still king

As already detailed in other articles, we emphasize once again how much to produce a number of quality and relevant content search intent is far more useful for your website, rather than creating a lot of "click-catching" content stuffed with forced keywords and not very relevant to your sector.

This rule especially applies to Google voice search.

Optimize the website starting from the query: the conversational language 

Even in Google voice search, dry keywords have been supplanted by queries, reducing search volumes more and more, but allowing you to convert better.

This makes it more complex to guess the keywords for which to position and to know the behavior of users. Before creating an article or site, it's important to think about what the user might be looking for. Only then we move on to drafting, taking into account the query that the user would write.

Must think like a potential consumer, who is generally inexperienced in the topics he is looking for and will most likely use a few simple words. 

This concept applies to the nth degree when it comes to vocal research. 

In fact, with the voice assistant, it is the user in the first place who has a conversational imprint, using articulated sentences that fall within the so-called "conversational language". 

This means that even the article or website, starting from the query, must adopt an informal writing style. This strategy is extremely effective for increasing Google rankings, because with Google voice search the search term becomes more natural.

The complete sentences allow the Serp to evolve into a language with semantic properties more similar to the human one.

Optimize the website starting from the type of voice assistant: audience segmentation

Any device that features a voice assistant (Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, Cortana, …) has some peculiarities based on the way it is used. 

Google voice search mostly comes from the smartphone. Indeed, the 20% of mobile traffic comes from voice search. However, even the Automobiles feature voice assistants used to change radio stations or set driving directions. 

The goal of your website is to be found on every device. To do this it is necessary segment the target voice search based on those devices.

Google voice search with FAQs

Vocal research tends to include a question that requires an answer. For this reason, it can be useful to create a page FAQs of your website which contains all the answers, written in a simple and detailed conversational language, to the most frequently asked questions. 

Optimize the website making it mobile-friendly

ottimizzare il sito web - ricerca vocale google

The patience of the online user, especially the young one, is shrinking and he expects quick answers. Consequently, it is necessary that your website does not contain too heavy content. A site with excessively long loading times it discourages him from staying there and will look elsewhere.

Voice Search: The Future of Search Engines

Nowadays it is essential to optimize the website for Google voice search. The future of search engines is increasingly moving towards this faster and more natural method of interaction and more and more users are using voice assistants to search online.

Voice search allows you to reach a wider audience and improve the user experience, ensuring greater visibility and positioning in search results.