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Work in digital is growing

By 27 June 2019No Comments

«" The demand for people in the technological field is growing ": in Italy in 2018, job requests from companies in every sector were almost 345,000, with the 77% of which in the north. And if Milan is “the Italian capital of digital transformation”, it alone collects more than 20% of job opportunities, in the regional context, the queen is Lombardy at 36.7%. The most sought after skill is the ability to analyze data, while among the digital professions, developers are the most requested. This is the photograph on the world of digital work taken by Talent Garden, a networking and training platform in the field of digital innovation, which conducted the research "Digital skills in Italy - How to orient yourself in a constantly evolving world of work" in collaboration with Nesta Italia, a foundation that promotes social innovation by mapping job requests on the web.


The results, presented at the Italian Tech Week, show that manufacturing is the industrial sector that seeks more digital jobs (26% of requests) with engineers and skilled workers (62%). As regards the geography of requests, the gap from Milan (20.73%) is abysmal: Rome (6.42%), Bologna (4.18%) and Turin (4.04%) follow. Then Brescia (3,36%), Padua (3,22%), Bergamo (3,21%), Modena (3,19%), Treviso (2,92%) and Verona (2,72%). The same goes for the regions: after Lombardy (36.7%) there are Veneto (13.8%), Emilia Romagna (13.6%), Piedmont and Lazio (7.4%), up to Valle D'Aosta, tail at 0.1%.


The most sought after figures are developers (51,473 requests, 52,73% of the total) and graphic designers (30,967 requests, 27,83%). In the top 5 of the most requested skills after data analysis (database), present in over 40 types of occupations and 54,774 job requests, the use of Microsoft Office, computer programming, the use of software design models and 'analysis of software specifications. "


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Source ANSA